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Dr. Stephanie Ludi is the PI for BPC projects (Award #0634319, 0837493) to promote computing for students with visual impairments. The year-round workshops have brought together students, working together to program robots, build computers, and program a game. She also has extensive experience in using innovative technology in instruction, such as Lego Mindstorms and tablet PCs. In addition, she conducts research to provide tool support to make computer science more accessible to those with visual impairments. The expertise gained through her experience will be leveraged in CS4ALL. Dr. Ludi’s work with BridgeIT will be expanded to further increase access to computing education.

Dr. Daniela Marghitu will work with team members, K-12 teachers and Dr. Tim Bell on CS Unplugged and Kodu concept inventories, and development of conceptual transfer methodology. She will work with the Microsoft FUSE Kodu team on an initial assessment of accessibility issues in Kodu. Marghitu is founder director of the Auburn University Education and Assistive Technology Lab, and a co-founder of the Alabama Alliance for Students with disabilities in STEM (AASD-STEM), an NSF-funded consortium of 2 historically black universities, two major research universities and one community college that works to recruit students with disabilities to pursue STEM careers. She is also the AccessComputing Alliance coordinator for Auburn University.

Dr. David Touretzky will work with the other team members on Kodu and Alice/BridgeIT concept inventories, and development of conceptual transfer methodology. He will also work with Dr. Ludi on an initial assessment of accessibility issues in Tekkotsu. Touretzky is a Research Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, and head of the Tekkotsu project. He is also a co-founder of the ARTSI Alliance, an NSF-funded consortium of 17 historically black colleges and universities and 8 major research universities that works to recruit African American students to pursue advanced training in computer science or robotics.

Dr. Debra Bernstein will lead all research and evaluation efforts, including instrument development, data collection, and analysis. Where appropriate, she will also contribute to the development of conceptual transfer methodology. Dr. Bernstein is an educational researcher with experience developing research tools for STEM learning environments. She has a strong interest in robotics and CS education. Her previous work on Robot Diaries, an after-school robotics workshop for middle school girls, included curriculum development and a mixed methods study on student learning and engagement. Dr. Bernstein is a Senior Researcher at TERC.


Auburn University LEAT Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Taha Ben Brahim, John Weaver, Yasmeen Rawajfih, Eliza Banu,  Sanjay Kulkarni, Cassandra Stephens, Yian Tiang, Crist Cira, Adarsh Jain, Andrew Marshall, G. Leung


Auburn University Faculty, Admin and Technical  Support

Dr. Daniela Marghitu, Jo Ann Lauraitis,  Kim Brumbeloe, Kelly Price, Shannon Price, Larry Sellers, Zebediah Whitehead, Jeff Walker, Dr. Jung Won Hur, Dr. Caroline Dun 

Auburn University LEAT Partners

Microsoft Kodu

CS Unplugged

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind E.H. Gentry

Pearson Higher Education



CS4ALL Education Researchers

Dr. Lijun Ni, Dr. Elisabeth Sylvan 



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