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CS4ALL collaborative research project goal is to address the following three questions:

-- Can the proposed three-stage model for programming instruction, accelerate student progress on mastering computational thinking?

-- Can students develop a deeper understanding of computer science concepts by learning to draw explicit analogies between realizations of the same idea in different settings, i.e., in different software frameworks, or in Kinesthetic Learning Activities like CS Unplugged?

-- How can programming environments be made more accessible to students with disabilities such as visual impairment, deaf/hard of hearing, mobility impairment (e.g., cerebral palsy), or learning and cognitive impairment (e.g., autism or ADD)?

The last question will be addressed in collaboration with Microsoft FUSE Labs on accessibility enhancements to Kodu, and continuing development of BridgIT, an alternative to Alice designed with accessibility in mind.

This planning grant will do preliminary work on these questions, collecting pilot data at a week-long summer camp for students, and a two-day workshop for K-12 teachers. The award will allow the PIs to refine their hypotheses, conduct pilot experiments, deepen their relationships with academic and industry partners, and formulate the detailed research plan needed for the eventual full proposal.



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